Defying all odds: Differently-abled journalist Momin Kireika covers Israel-Hamas war

Differently-abled journalist Momin Kireika.—X@trtworld

In the heart of the conflict-ridden Gaza Strip, Momin Kireika, a journalist with remarkable determination and resilience, defies the odds to cover the latest Israeli assault.

Despite being differently-abled, Kireika remains unwavering in his commitment to shedding light on the realities of the ongoing crisis.

Kireika’s unyielding resolve in the face of adversity serves as a profound source of inspiration. He refuses to allow his physical limitations to impede his duty to inform the world about the situation in Gaza. 

“My physical limitations will not deter me from my duty to inform the world about what’s happening here,” he declares.

Navigating the war-torn streets of Gaza, marred by rubble and chaos, is an everyday challenge for Kireika. Despite the many obstacles he encounters, his determination to report the truth remains unshaken. 

“The obstacles are many, but my determination to report the truth is stronger,” he affirms.

Kireika’s story underscores the crucial role of journalists in conflict zones. In the midst of danger at every turn, they risk their lives to unveil the truth and give voice to the voiceless. 

He believes that their reporting serves as a lifeline of information and that they have a responsibility to the people affected by the conflict.

Beyond his reporting, Kireika’s determination challenges societal norms and stigmas associated with disability. His courage and unwavering pursuit of his career break down barriers, advocating for inclusivity and equal opportunities. He emphasises that disability does not define a person; it is their abilities and contributions that matter.

Moreover, Kireika’s story sheds light on the need for greater support and recognition of disabled journalists. He calls on media organisations and governments to provide resources and accommodations that facilitate more inclusive journalism. 

“Our perspectives, our experiences enrich journalism. We just need the tools to do our job,” Kireika concludes, highlighting the valuable contributions disabled journalists can make to the field.

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