Another increase in electricity prices is likely Islamabad

Pakistan may have to hike electricity prices once again and may also have to revise the primary budget surplus of Rs 417 billion for three months after the IM did not accept the government’s position on the revolving debt and fiscal figures Questions have also been raised by the IMF on the role, powers and mandate of the Special Investment Facilitation Council, and concerns have also been expressed about the increased role and accountability of the Council On the other hand, the government is considering imposing a 40% tax on the profits earned by banks from the purchase and sale of foreign exchange reserves. With such a step, the FBR will get an income of 44 billion rupees Sources have said that there is no consensus between Pakistan and the IMF on the increase in electricity prices, the revolving credit limit for three months and the fiscal deficit. Sources said that after the IMF declared the increase in electricity prices insufficient in July, the possibility of an increase in electricity prices has increased once again.

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